Very happy to announce the launch of The Little Book of Irishisms: Know the Irish through our Words. It’s for people who’d like to know what we’re talking about when we say things like: “Gimmie that yoke.” Or: “Banjaxed, bockety, craic…” It’s also for anyone who wants to understand us. (Good luck with that!) And those who’d like to sound Irish, even just for Paddy’s Day.

Written under my pen name, Aimee Alexander, The Little Book of Irishisms includes tricks to Irishify your banter – and how to avoid those clangers that people think we say but never do, like the classic, “Top of the morning to you.” It also has a section on how to pronounce Irish first names – and what they mean.

The fun and quirky illustrations are by my daughter Aimee. Collaborating on this book has been such a treat.

The Little Book of Irishisms is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the Irish in them.

For a free taster go HERE

To buy the little gem, go HERE or better still – from an Irish retailer – HERE.

Go on, sure… Give it a lash, so to speak.