Book #2

And For Your Information…

And For Your Information is the story of Sarah, who is not minted like her friends. She has a boyfriend (kind of), a father (who has moved out) and two friends (who get on better with each other than they do with her).

Sarah is waiting for her life to begin. It does. When she is caught shoplifting.


A Taste From The Book

At my favourite cosmetics counter, I pick up an eye shadow. It’s the colour of peacock feathers. When I move it under the light, it sparkles. I find a tester and try it out. It’s amazing. It makes my eyes stand out. In a good way. Not like a frog’s or those people you see with thyroid problems. I check the price. And put it back. I try to think of a way. If I went without smoothies for a week…. But then you can’t exactly sit with nothing in front of you while your friends suck away for hours.


I turn. Rachel’s holds up two eyeshadows. They’re practically the same colour.

‘Which one?’ she asks.

I hesitate.

‘Oh, what the hell, I’ll get them both.’ She smiles, like she’s totally mad. She goes to the counter – so easily, like money’s air.

Alex is at a clothes rail. But she’s barely touching the clothes, just gliding the hangers along without really looking. I know she’s thinking of David.

I look back at the compact. Would they really miss one? I mean, how many just roll off the counter every day and get kicked under? Not that I’d take one. I’m not that kind of person. I run a finger over the colours. Longingly. Then I slip one into my palm. Just to see how easy it would be…


What the Critics Say…

‘I was hoping And for Your Information would as good as Book One but instead it surpassed everything.

Irish cover

Truly wonderful, read it.’ – LUNA’S LITTLE LIBRARY (5 stars)

‘It is THAT sad. And it is THAT emotional. And it is THAT GOOD. I loved every page of And For Your Information… and I can’t wait for the third “Butterfly” novel. I really can’t wait.’ – CHICKLIT NEWS AND REVIEWS (5stars)

‘I can’t express how much I loved this book and if you haven’t started the series I highly recommend you do so.’ – BOOKFLAME REVIEWS (4.5 stars)

‘I really loved this one – even if it did nearly destroy me!’ – I WANT TO READ THAT 4.5stars

‘The writing was excellent, I caught up with some much loved characters and I was totally engrossed and moved by the story. It takes quite a lot for me to feel truly emotional by a book, so it’s a sign of a fantastic writer. I keep thinking of this book, long after reading it.’ – CHRISSI READS (5 stars)

‘This is a completely compelling read. But do have tissues at the ready.’ – AUTHOR & EDITOR CLAIRE HENNESSY 5 stars

‘Denise Deegan’s Butterfly Novels are captivating and delicious. Highly recommended!’

‘Heartbreaking, bittersweet, and simply spectacular.’ LAUREN’S CRAMMED BOOKSHELF

‘This is just one of those books that really got under my skin. I just can’t stop thinking about it.’ I WANT TO READ THAT

‘…What I didn’t expect was to be blown away by the storyline, and by the developments in the lives of all the characters, focusing on Sarah but not excluding Alex, Rachel, David, Mark, Louis… The novels so far would make a brilliant television mini-series.’ CHICKLISH

‘(Deegan) shows considerable insight into the minefields of adolescent friendships and knows how to keep the pages turning.’ THE IRISH TIMES