Book #1      And By the Way

And By The Way is the story of Alex who has lost her mum to cancer and her dad, ‘The Rockstar’, to work. Alex is angry. With everyone. Especially David McFadden who could have helped but didn’t.

Now, six months later, Alex doesn’t want help. She’s not going to trust anyone, love anyone, rely on anyone. That way, she’ll never get hurt again. At least, that’s her plan….



A Taste From the Book:

I stare at him and drop the rope. He can so undo it himself. I’m about to leave, when he takes my face in his hands and kisses me. I pull back immediately. 
            ‘What the hell?’ I look quickly around. We’re hidden behind a huge flapping sail. 
            He just smiles and kisses me again. And now, someone, please tell me why, I’m kissing him back. I pull away like I’ve kissed a toad. 
            ‘What are you doing?’ 
            ‘Same thing you’re doing,’ he says, his smile lazy now. And suddenly it’s not a boy in my class any more but this windswept, tanned and totally hot guy who wears beads around his neck and plaited leather on his wrist. My face is inches from his and getting closer when I stop. What am I doing? I look at him, totally cold. 
            ‘That was a one-off thing.’ 
            I turn quickly and walk. 
            My legs have never felt so wobbly.



What the critics say…

Irish cover

Irish cover

‘I absolutely loved it. I was so engrossed in it that my family started pulling it out of my hands.’ – CHICKLISH (5 stars)

‘This is one of the most emotional and well written YA novels I’ve read this year, and you know I’ve read a lot.’ – BURIED IN BOOKS (5 stars)

‘And By the Way… is a truly amazing and heart-wrenching novel that I couldn’t put down. I absolutely loved it, and can’t recommend it enough. I’m so looking forward to the sequel!’ – ONCE UPON A BOOKCASE (5 stars)

‘I was expecting romance, aww and good writing. All of those things are in there but this book is so much more…trust me when I say this book has everything you could possibly want in a contemporary title.’ – LUNA’S LITTLE LIBRARY (4.5 stars)

‘I was absolutely blown away by this book.’ – CHRISSI READS (4.5 stars)

‘And By The Way, you really will love every single second and will not be able to stop reading. So enjoy – this book will not let you down.’ – THE BOOK ADDICTED GIRL (4.5 stars)

‘This is an absolute gem of a series.’ I WANT TO READ THAT

‘The coolest thing about the setting, besides it being Dublin… is it’s, like, real Dublin? You know, written by someone who lives there for people who live there and not translated for American audiences, or featuring an American girl who goes to study abroad in Ireland to find her… Irish roots.’ FOREVER YOUNG ADULT

‘It was such a powerful, emotional, beautiful book, one I loved to pieces and gobbled up as fast as I possibly could. I just can’t wait to read more by Deegan – it was just so freaking amazing!’ THE BOOK ADDICTED GIRL

‘Deegan nails Alex’s caustic teen voice, and leaves the reader rooting for her heroine throughout…’ IRISH INDEPENDENT

‘This is a gem of a book; intriguing, deep and thoughtful. Alex is a feisty heroine, and her voice rings strong and true. Teenagers – and adults – will adore this book. It kept me up half the night.’ IRISH EXAMINER

‘An engaging and emotional read that leaves you wanting more – bring on the second installment.’ RTE GUIDE

‘AND BY THE WAY… is a journey through grief, love and self-discovery. It’ll break your heart and make you laugh – both at the same time. And by the way…you’re going to love it.’ DUBRAY BOOKS, STAFF RECOMMENDED READS

‘I absolutely loved it. I was so engrossed in it that my family started pulling it out of my hands.’ AUTHOR KERIS STAINTON