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Book #3  And Actually…

Of the three friends, Rachel is the rock, the sensible, reliable one. When she is offered a part in a TV show, it brings her face-to-face with her past and memories she has kept hidden.

But Rachel is stronger now than she was then. There is no way she is going to let her past destroy her future.




A Taste From The Book

Last thing every night, I lie in bed and gaze at a grey face with big, white eyes and tiny pupils, a face with a black line for a mouth which stretches left to right like an equator, a face that has arms and legs. This is my twin. Or at least a substitute for my twin.
I got my Uglydoll when I was seven and my parents moved me into a room of my own. Till then, I’d shared with Jack, my older brother by six-and-a-half minutes. Because Jack’s in a class above me at school, people think he’s just my brother. My parents have won. They always wanted us to be ‘individuals’.
At first, I needed Uggs to see another face before I fell asleep. Now he’s like a friend. The night Mark and I got together, I hugged him so tightly I’d have killed him if he’d been real. Actually, he is real. To me. The night my friend, Alex, had a baby, I soaked him in tears – it was also the night our friend, Shane, died, leaving Sarah behind, a widow at seventeen. That was two weeks ago. Sometimes it feels like two minutes. Sometimes two years.


What the critics say:

Irish cover

Irish cover

‘Not only is And Actually… as addictive a read as the previous two books in the series, but it also has the same level of powerful drama and emotion, with some breathtaking scenes.’ –

‘The Butterfly Series has been some of the best reading I’ve done this year And Actually is an excellent way to end it. I do wish there were more.’ – LUNA’S LITTLE LIBRARY 4.5stars

‘I have absolutely adored The Butterfly Novels, and I’m sad that this is the last book in the series. I have grown so attached to these characters…’ – CHRISSI READS 4stars

‘Dammit, book, you did it again…I just couldn’t help but get sucked in. Your characters are just so NORMAL and unwhiney and funny, and I can’t help caring for them…’ – FOREVER YOUNG ADULT

‘Expect more of the same sharp dialogue, realistic romance and characters so believable that they stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.’ KISS MAGAZINE

‘…before I knew it I was being sucked into this Dublin version of the OC…’ FOREVER YOUNG ADULT
‘Deegan has done it again… There’s also the wonderful Dublin setting and sparkling, fast-paced dialogue, complete with humour. (When Rachel introduces us to her agent, she says: “think Edna Mode from The Incredibles but tone it down a bit; she’s Irish”.)’ CHICKLISH
 ‘(Deegan shows) considerable insight into the minefield of adolescent friendships and knows how to keep the pages turning.’ THE IRISH TIMES