Short Story Prequel to The Butterfly Novels is finally here!

dfw-dd-twtgasm-cover-ebookWell, it’s taken me long enough but FINALLY I’ve published The Whale, The Goldfish and Señor Martin, the short story prequel to The Butterfly Novels.
Rachel Dunne is thirteen years old and already has a history. Starting school at Strandbrook College, she is hoping to start over. On the first day, she meets Sarah and Alex. Sarah looks like sunshine and bubbles and laughter. Which, when you’re Rachel, is scary. Alex is watchful, clever and a minor celebrity. Can Rachel risk reaching out? Or is she better staying an island? That way she can’t get hurt. Again.
Here is the link on
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If you’re new to downloading ebooks, then simply download the (free) Kindle app from iTunes onto your iPad, smartphone, or computer. Then download the short story from amazon. Simples.

Oh and please spread the news. I know people have been waiting for this. Sorry, sorry, sorry for the delay.

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